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Our story

Our founder, Hemish, experienced first hand the incredible diversity and quality of African coffee while originating coffee for a large multinational company in East Africa, where he grew up. It quickly became apparent to him that despite the critical role that farmers play in the global coffee value chain, they retain a very small percentage of value generated from your daily brew.

Hemish started Boda Coffee to provide farmers more equity in the coffee value chain while bringing some of the finest single-origin coffees from Africa directly to you.

What's in the name

Boda Boda is a name commonly referred to bicycles and more recently, motorcycle taxis in East Africa. 

In many rural parts of the region, farmers utilise these bikes to transport their coffee cherries to washing and milling stations - Boda Coffee is an ode to these farmers as their coffee continues its journey from their farms to your cup.

Africa is also home to very distinct flora and fauna species. The names of our coffees pays homage to the exotic flowers found native to the African continent.

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