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Our Principles

Sustainable business should go beyond just fair compensation. Farmers are arguably the most important people in the coffee supply chain and we wanted to go above and beyond just buying coffee that was fairly traded. By partnering with organisations that provide access to healthcare and education to rural communities, we seek to improve the lives of our farmer-partners.


Ethically Traded

We are a truly African company that is leveraging our knowledge and experience of coffee origins on the continent to work closely with our farmer-partners to source our coffee. 

By reducing the number of times our coffee changes hands, we are able, on average, to pay farmers a higher price for their coffee than they would normally receive.


Access to Healthcare

We re-invest 5% of sales towards rural healthcare initiatives that provide better access to healthcare services. We want our farmer-partners to live long, healthy lives.


Boda directly partners with organizations on the ground in Africa that are working to ensure rural clinics are well stocked, and staff are well trained to provide basic primary care when needed.


Access to Education

We strongly believe that access to Education is a basic human right. To extend this, we are working directly with organizations that are raising funds to provide students bursaries and school supplies to ensure uninterrupted education.

Our commitment is to provide up to 5% of sales towards provision of uniforms, shoes, and school supplies to those in need

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