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Pour Over

The go-to method for aficionados, the Pour Over yields a balanced, refined brew accentuates delicate notes in your coffee

Grind Guide



Coffee Toolkit

1. Coffee

2. Chemex Carafe

3. Chemex Filters

4. Grinder

5. Kettle

6. Digital Scale

7. Timer


Brew Time

3 - 4 minutes


1. Grind your coffee

2. Unfold filter and place on Chemex. The triple-fold should face the spout

3. Soak the filter with warm water, discard water through spout

4. Pour ground coffee and gently tamper

5. Starting from the center, gently pour twice as much water and allow coffee to bloom (35-50 seconds)

6. Continue pouring water in circular fashion, starting in the center

7. Continue pouring water in small increments, allowing the water to percolate through the grounds

8. Let water drip through grounds (~4 minutes). 

Serve, sip, and savor your coffee!

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