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Boda Coffee goes live!

An ethical coffee company that is bringing you robust flavors of speciality single-origin African coffee launches ecommerce site for pre-orders

We are so excited to finally launch Boda Coffee - this has been in the making for the past year!

We are a truly African coffee company, that sources some of the finest beans from the continent. Our founder, Hemish, was born and raised in Kenya, and spent many years traveling across the continent sourcing coffee for a multinational commodity company. During this time, he discovered the incredible profiles and quality of coffee produced by smallholder farmers. He wanted to find a fair market for their beans while providing consumers in North America an opportunity to savor some of these rich, delicious coffees. We craft roasting all orders in nano-lots and shipping directly to consumers, starting with the United States. We are providing the freshest brew for you, and the fairest price to farmers

In addition, Boda coffee is committed to improving the lives of our farmer-partners, and has committed 10% of sales to rural healthcare and education initiatives. Stay tuned for more details on our initiatives!


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